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Today, sugar manufacturer Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd (CSR) launched its “Better Brown Low G Sugar”, a new and healthier sweetener product. The first in Malaysia and Asia, the Better Brown Low G Sugar is in line with CSR’s vision to promote healthy sugar consumption amongst Malaysians.

This new sweetener alternative comes at a time when the country is fighting the scourge of obesity and diabetes, with large amounts of health costs going towards fighting the former in Malaysia.

“The leadership that CSR is showing in this launch is playing their part in driving responsible and healthier choices for all Malaysians and manufacturers producing food and beverages in Malaysia,” said Nutrition Information Group CEO Matthew Godfrey.

What makes the brown sugar revolutionary is that it contains a low Glycemic Index (GI). A low GI translates to slower digestion, absorption and metabolisation of the product. This leads to a lower and slower rise in blood glucose, thus helping consumers to sustain energy longer and curb hunger cravings.

GI is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. While the GI count of regular white sugar stands at 69, Better Brown Low G Sugar carries a GI count of 55 or less. Despite that, the low GI still provides the same sweet taste, making it suitable for use in the preparation of food and drinks.

Godfrey explains that glucose is a very high GI product, and that it goes straight into the bloodstream, getting absorbed into the intestines. This causes the pancreas to put out more insulin to deal with the issue, contributing negative effects such as pancreatic shock.

“Low GI products are often described as ‘low flat’, which doesn’t cause peaks in blood glucose levels. Why that’s important is how high peaks do things to your bodies, particularly when you start breakfast with a high GI product.

“You’ll feel hungry quicker because when glucose goes into your blood, you’ll feel fantastic as your body pumps out insulin, and then you’ll want more food because that feeling crashes.

“This cycle leads to obesity and diabetes, and many organisations around the world that recognise this problem are supporting the goal to bring Better Brown Low G Sugar into the market,” he said.

Beyond the new Better Brown Low G Sugar, CSR’s efforts to encourage the public on responsible sugar consumption have seen the company partnering with the National Diabetes Institute, Malaysia (NADI).

CSR’s Better Brown Low G Sugar is available at all leading retail outlets nationwide at RM3.80 per pack.

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