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EVER thought you could better manage your wealth or wanted to take charge of your own financial planning? Well, here’s your chance as Maybank2u has introduced the first-of-its-kind (among local banks) digital financial planner for its customers.

The concept came about through research which showed that about 40% of Malaysians do not plan ahead financially. Now with these “tools” Maybank customers can take charge of their own financial future.

Manage your financial future

Simply log on to Maybank2u to search, learn and plan using the financial planning tools which include:

* Goal Savings Plan – Allows one to segment their money into “goals” without having to create separate accounts. Create up to five goals, set fixed monthly debits from principal accounts into these Goal Savings accounts and enjoy applicable interests as you watch yourself reach your targets. Fast track by topping up at any desired time and amount.

* Spending Tracker – Authorises tracking one’s debit and credit card spending so as to see where one’s money goes to and understand one’s spending behaviour. The information gleaned can help customers better manage and control their expenditure.

* Insurance Dashboard – Permits one a view of their purchased Etiqa Takaful Life and General Insurance policies in a single dashboard. Customers get an overview of their protection plans besides purchase insurance and investment plans from Etiqa seamlessly via Maybank2u.

Group CEO of Community Financial Services Maybank, Datuk John Chong said, “The introduction of the new features are a natural extension of our commitment in creating services that put our customers’ needs first. It is an ambitious but simple objective of wanting to create the most user-centric and friendly financial platform for our customers.”

Double up for more campaign

To get more for your money, participate in Maybank’s “Double Up Your Savings” campaign. From now until Feb 28, 2019, save a minimum of RM200 in your Goal Savings Plan for a minimum of three consecutive months during the campaign period and be in the running to win cash prizes worth RM120,000 in the form of a bonus payout.

A total of 120 winners will be awarded.

Goals need to be set by Nov 28, 2018, in order to meet the three-month eligibility requirement.

However, although customers can create up to five goals, only the Goal Savings Plan with the highest amount will be considered for the campaign.

“The new digital features are about enriching our offerings through digital banking which is in line with our commitment to leverage on cutting edge technology as well as our strategic objective of being the digital bank of choice.”

Maybank2u is accessible via mobile, tablet and website applications. Visit the site to explore the new tools and features or drop by Maybank and enquire with customer service.

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