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SUNWAY University School of Mathematical Sciences collaborated with Institut Statistik Malaysia (ISM) recently in hosting the Fourth ISM International Statistical Conference (ISM-IV). The two-day international forum gathered academics and professionals from various industries to discuss the role of statistics in advancing science and innovation.

The conference also offered important and useful information on applied, computational and circular statistics, mathematical modelling, as well as the application of statistics to the insurance industry and the use of statistics in monitoring sustainable development.

Apart from the fifty presenters who delivered talks, there were three keynote speeches and six forum sessions chaired and conducted by researchers and academia from Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and US.

Among speakers and topics on day one were Macquarie University Emeritus Professor of Statistics, Prof Dr Don McNeil who spoke on “Can Remote Sensing Data Analysis Open Machine Learning Black Boxes?” and University of Malaya Honorary Professor of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Prof Dr Ong Seng Huat who addressed “Mixture Modelling: Some Recent Developments”.

Day two was dedicated to sustainable development where the conference broached the latest updates on the development and use of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Four presentations on Statistics for Sustainable Development were delivered followed by a keynote address by Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah.

Cheah, a significant force in advocating and employing sustainable applications and practices across the corporate, social and individual platforms; proof lay in Sunway’s fully integrated green and smart townships throughout Malaysia, the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, the Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia, and the setting up of the Jeffery Sachs Centre on Sustainable Development.

In Cheah’s speech, he spoke about the efforts and initiatives undertaken by Sunway in promoting sustainable development within its construction and modus operandi. These are seen in its establishment of townships and institutions like Sunway Innovation Labs, Sunway Medical Centre, Monash University Malaysia, Sunway College, Sunway University and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.

“Our efforts at Sunway are driven by our recognition that realising the SDGs is not the sole responsibility of governments alone. It requires commitment from all sectors of society. I believe each one of us should have a higher purpose in life, one that will help others. My personal motto is ‘I aspire to inspire before I expire’,” Cheah shared.

His hope was that the knowledge gathered from the conference will empower participants to further drive the development of the 2030 Sustainable Development agenda and help advance Malaysia’s transformation.

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