Retailers believe in customer service and human touch, not price war

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KUALA LUMPUR: Retailers believe that offering professional customer service and a human touch in the advent of digital technology is the way to retain customers and boost sales amid concerns of customers making purchases elsewhere after they seek information from stores.

Tigas Alliance Group CEO and founder Simone Lee said its investments into the company are to bring forth the culture and people to deliver that service to customers, referring to its pharmacists. It has 20 pharmacists in 13 pharmacies.

“If we get the service right, business will come. If we sell ourselves short and to get the customers, we discount (our items), it’s never ending. We’re not in a discount model,” she said in a panel discussion at the StrongPoint Retail Agenda Forum today.

Tigas Alliance is operated by Berjaya Pharmacy Retail Sdn Bhd, a sub-subsidiary of Berjaya Corp Bhd.

She said it also boils down to whether businesses are in for the long haul. Usually discounts are thrown in by short term businesses.

“Millennials will also support you if they believe in your cause,” added Lee, urging retailers to build that connection with consumers.

DR Group Holdings Sdn Bhd director Dr Afendi Dahlan said amid the price undercuts by competitors and digitalisation that provides convenience, at the end of the day, it is about the humanisation of the retail experience.

“You can put the best gadget or equipment, but we’re social creatures. We look for the best customer experience and we don’t mind paying more for that. That’s why we have the five-stars hotels,” said Afendi.

He added that the airport retailer, which distributes a variety of imported chocolates in airports, do not give discounts because it believes that it is giving value for good service, better than the service from discounters.

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