How many Instagram users in Malaysia?

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Before we start, did you know that Instagram’s name derives from ‘instant camera’ and ‘telegram’?

It is becoming a fast-rising social media platform and Facebook has announced last year in 2015 that there are 400 million people on Instagram each month globally.

Facebook Community Updates on Instagram

When the social platform grows, naturally more and more businesses and brand owners will explore the channel for marketing and advertising opportunities.

As we are running a marketing agency in Malaysia, many have started asking us this question especially in the past few months:

How many Instagram users are there in Malaysia?

A quick check online and with Facebook representative, no official figure on Malaysia is released. Hence, we have decided to dig around and share with you our findings here.

The first thing we check is to create an advertisement in Facebook Business Manager targeting Instagram users and here is the advertisement reach.

Instagram reach in Malaysia via Facebook ads

If you refer to the audience base above, there is a potential reach to 4.9M people in Malaysia if we limit the Facebook ads placement to Instagram feed only.

So, does it mean that there are 4.9M Instagram users in Malaysia? Let’s verify this with another source – Digital in 2016 by We Are Social.

Digital in Malaysia

First, there are 18M active social media users in Malaysia by referring to the visual above. Definition of active users is not clear though.

The chart below reports 22% of users surveyed in Malaysia are active on Instagram.

Top active social platforms in Malaysia

Based on the stats above, we can make this assumption: 22% of 18M active social media users are on Instagram equals to 3.96M active Instagram users in Malaysia.

By referring to this report that close to 30% of Instagram accounts are inactive, we have good reasons to make this assumption:

There is a total of 4.9M Instagram users in Malaysia, with 3.96M accounts are active.

This is the first episode of our Instagram series, we will share in next installments on who are the top Instagrammers, top brands on Instagram in Malaysia and Instagram tips for businesses. Stay tuned!

This Instagram series is written by Max Lim, Business Development Manager of Silver Mouse, a Malaysian-based marketing agency specializing in Digital Marketing, Creative Design & E-Commerce Services.

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