Top 10 online shopping sites in Malaysia

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In our recent report on #MYCYBERSALE 2015, top 5 categories (by order count) are:
(1) Multi-Category
(2) Fashion
(3) Kids & Baby
(4) Travel & Leisure
(5) Health & Beauty

Let’s examine closer who are the leaders in each category, starting from Multi-Category, which carry various categories. We will compile the top 10 sites on another 4 categories in our upcoming articles, so don’t miss out by subscribing to our email newsletter!

Following are our key methodologies in shortlisting the top 10 sites:
• Online shopping sites with focus on Malaysia (global sites excluded)
• Online shopping sites which facilitate payment online (classified excluded)
• Ranked by visits to the website using SimilarWeb (desktop only, Sep 2015)
• Websites categorized in Multi-Category only (think e-marketplace)


Visits: 9,200,000
Time on Site: 05:37
Page Views: 6.11
Bounce Rate: 54.13%


Visits: 3,300,000
Time on Site: 08:23
Page Views: 7.77
Bounce Rate: 32.38%


Visits: 1,800,000
Time on Site: 10:54
Page Views: 12.23
Bounce Rate: 22.83%


Visits: 1,600,000
Time on Site: 05:18
Page Views: 6.93
Bounce Rate: 56.43%

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Visits: 1,600,000
Time on Site: 06:45
Page Views: 4.59
Bounce Rate: 37.04%


Visits: 620,000
Time on Site: 06:08
Page Views: 6.08
Bounce Rate: 45.44%


Visits: 570,000
Time on Site: 07:04
Page Views: 7.37
Bounce Rate: 32.69%


Visits: 330,000
Time on Site: 06:10
Page Views: 6.14
Bounce Rate: 41.11%


Visits: 300,000
Time on Site: 06:45
Page Views: 5.34
Bounce Rate: 44.29%


Visits: 160,000
Time on Site: 10:13
Page Views: 10.89
Bounce Rate: 18.85%

Other contenders, and what’s next? and both acquired the same desktop visits (as of Sep 2015) with so they should share the #10 spot together. is featured above simply for their lowest bounce rate among all.

In fact, if we don’t limit this list to multi-category, all three of them will not be in top 10 as sites like (with 310,000 desktop visits) will sit at #9 spot but let’s keep in the top beauty sites later.

What is it about time on site, page views, bounce rate? Let’s take a closer look on this together with the traffic sources of top 10 online shopping sites in Malaysia, so stay tuned!

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